Arrival Of PWE Wrestlers At Karachi

The distant dream of wrestling fans has finally come true as Pro Wrestling Entertainment (PWE) is bringing internationally renowned wrestlers from across the world to perform live in the three major cities of Pakistan.

Four of the 25 wrestlers Pakistani French Badshah Pehalwan Khan, Tiny Iron UK, Yacine Osmani Algeria, and Flash Gordo arrived at the Jinnah International Airport to participate in the Logo reveal ceremony in Karachi. Team of PWE welcomed the wrestlers along with the fans and media. Speaking to the media, Wrestlers said that they are very happy to visit Pakistan and are passionately looking forward to perform at the event in may this year.

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PWE made the announcement that international wrestlers from 20 countries will take part in the event to be held in Pakistan from May 17-21, 2017. Events will take place in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

This will revive the international sport in Pakistan and pave the way to soft image of Pakistan globally.

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